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    7tsp complete system icon pack request


    I was wondering if someone could make a complete 7tsp Windows 7 SP1 icon pack for me to use with this custom version of Windows 7. This one came with things the creator likely didn't have the rights to include so I'm tryna remove them [basically the icons were replaced with Mr GRiM's HUD Red icons, it had a lot of themes included as well]. I've removed the themes it came with but now I just need to replace the icons with default Windows 7 SP1 icons. Can someone please make a 7tsp complete Windows 7 SP1 icon pack for it? It's basically running Windows 7 SP1, just with tweaks to a few things, but the icons should still be the same versions from what I've seen of how iPacks work with it.

    Also in case you guys wish to know which one it is and where I got it from so you can have a word with them about it, it's the Windows 7 x64 Final REMIX [Nov 2017] from Team-OS.
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