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    Alert Report Stolen Theme(s)


    I just figured I'd start a thread for those who wish to post information on anyone they see stealing themes from any of the VC community. If you see any themes that you think might be stolen [such as being posted by someone other than the creator without the proper credits or without any proof of permission], feel free to post the URL of it here.

    If you can get a screenshot as well then it might be helpful. The owner of the theme can then review it and perform any necessary actions.

    The preferred details in any stolen theme report [if obtainable] would be as follows:

    Line 1.) Poster's username [on website posted]
    Line 2.) URL of the stolen theme
    Line 3.) Screenshot of the stolen theme
    Line 4.) VC Username of the actual owner/creator of the stolen theme.

    NOTE: You ARE NOT required to report any sightings of stolen themes here. However, doing so would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnarkyBastard View Post
    this is a complete waste, cause grim's apt to side with those who stole the themes. he has a nasty habit of blaming everyone except the person that is in the wrong.
    Don't how you can make that assumption after only 2 months of membership and 16 posts? Unless maybe you are a previously banned member joined under another account because of an axe to grind?? ..... Hmmm

    Theft is theft, and really ever since GRiM made his HUD series available for free, the theme thefts have dropped significantly, not saying it isn't happening or maybe I just haven't been looking that hard.

    But Thanks Nimbi, this is a good thread to have, this way when things like this come out it can be looked into right away.
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    Most of the stolen themes show up on da or YouTube, I can't be bothered worrying about that crap.
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