i really whish to make a custom theme, but in internet i can only either find out how to make the "simple" ones, or where to download cool themes made by others.
Personally, before even finding out certain stuff could be actually customized by themes, i did most of my replacements (mainly system folders icons) by a .reg file, and just to make it easier i added to that "custom look" .reg file cursor stuff too.
Honestly i'd prefer to stick with registry editing rather than relying on third party apps, unless said apps don't actually generate some human readable code...
The main thing i need to do, is changing the default win32 looks, like explorer, notepad etcc. A thing i found out a lot of themes actually do, still i can't figure out how.
Any suggestion, reference?
Also another question:
Is it possible to only import color schemes from a theme, without also interfering with my already customized stuff? Would there be registry overwritings?
P.s. one quick question too: does anyone know where on earth is taskbar's alpha channel and "style" (glass, opaque, plain transparent) saved? I know Classic Start can override that setting, and i'd need to duplicate that code in a c++ program of mine.