Hey everyone,
I have been running Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8.1) for over a year on my 2-year-old Asus laptop with 500 GB hard drive and 8 GB of memory. Nevertheless it has lost its shine and speed. Windows bootup time, powering down, opening and using programs have gotten slower, which I've come to expect in time with usage. I'm not a very technical person and I have left all the Windows 10 settings alone as I'm afraid of messing something up. Oh, I did change my desktop background image, but that's about it. I run the free version of Avast antivirus and I'm mindful about security risks. My laptop runs okay, however I would love for it to chug along a bit faster. Do your readers have any recommendations that I can do myself to give it some more pep? All tips are welcome, I just have to figure out if I'm daring enough to try them. Thank you for any recommendations.