Hello everyone,


Been (ab)using PC's since they first appeared, before cell phones, before internet, before laptop´s, in short since the purple dawn when Saturn was still our sun. :-)
After DOS came Windows and the many hours staring at white screens screwed up my eyesight.
Dark themes became a must. But most of them are over the top and not very functional. I used WindowBlinds up till now and built my own functional dark theme, but WindowBlinds is limited, it can't theme the control panel and a lot of other stuff. I don't like to be limited so now I am giving Windows Visual Style a shot and I really like it so far.

I am mostly figuring everthing out myself, or I read the tutorials, butin some cases I will ask for help when I can't find what I am looking for.

This is why I subscribed to this forum.

The stuff some of you put out, makes WindowBlind's Pro themers look like bloody amateurs. :-)
I really admire the stuff you guys are making and appreciate very much your dedication to keep theming and customizing alive, despite Microsoft's efforts to kill it and make everybody conform to their idiotic ideas of a functional UI. I for one will never use Windows 10. I have tried it out for a few months and I have never seen a more schizofrenic OS in my life, and god knows they had some before. The Rolling Release model is what made me decide to shy away from it completely though, and ofcourse the builtin spying tools.

I would prefer to stay with Win7 when it comes to functionality, but Windows 8.1 is rock solid. It hasn't crashed ever, and with some tools and tweaks I have everything I had on win7 which is the best OS Microsoft ever made in my opinion.

I will go now and ask my question in the forum.

thanks for reading and having me here.

Mike (PinkET)