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Thread: Windows creates an "unsaved theme" when logging back in from lock,sleep & hibernate Share

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    Windows creates an "unsaved theme" when logging back in from lock,sleep & hibernate

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    Quote Originally Posted by CsqU4r3d View Post
    I don't know if anyone else has run into this issue on windows 10 1809 but , after logging back in after lock,sleep or hibernate, windows has created an unsaved theme, changing parts of my dark theme white ( without my making any changes ). Returning from shut down or restart causes no issue. I have finally found a fix for this issue which I have had on and off after some builds since windows 10 came out. In case anyone else has this issue here is the fix that worked for me.

    For dark themes Windows 10 loads defaults from
    after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash

    -You need to run regedit
    -navigate to the above key
    -right click the defaultcolors folder
    -export and save this folder to the location of your choice
    -go to the location where you exported the folder
    -take ownership of that reg file
    -go back to the above key in regedit
    -this time right click the defaultcolors folder and delete it
    -restart computer and the problem is resolved!

    This has been around since windows 8, I have included the reg file with all my themes since then to remove the default colors

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
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