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    Infusion AS for Windows 7

    Infusion AS for Windows 7

    How to:

    You'll need your system patched with either UXTheme or UXStyle & have Theme Resource Changer installed for the theme to apply exactly like in the screen shot.

    Links to UXTheme Patcher & UXStyle Core for both 32bit & 64bit systems are in the 'Links For Softwares' text file in the zip.
    Links for Theme Resource Changer for both 32bit & 64bit systems also included in the text file.


    • Just extract the rar & copy the contents of the Theme folder to:
      'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' & apply via personalization menu.
    • Then copy the basebrd.dll file into:
    • Be sure to have Theme Resource Changer installed before applying & it will take care of the rest.
    • Enjoy.

    Note: You will have to take ownership of the defaul basebrd.dll and rename it to "basebrd.dll.BAK" before you can copy the custom basebrd.dll into the required location.
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