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Thread: [Tool] Se7en Theme Source patcher v0.3 Build 3003

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    Clean [Tool] Se7en Theme Source patcher v0.4 Build 2015

    Hi, Here is one of my tools to help you customize your complete system in one go.

    Se7en Theme Source Patcher

    Download: 7tsp_GUI_v0.4_B(2015)

    FileName: 7tsp_GUI_v0.4_B(2015).exe
    Size: 4.1 mb (4,319,332 bytes)
    MD5: 750d9231597bcffeebd26771c2c22498
    Built: Today at 08:04:44 AM

    Full change log: Here

    How To Use: Here

    How To Create Your Own pack: Here

    Changelog and Support for the 2015 Update here


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