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    Alert Annihilator For Windows 7

    Annihilator For Windows 7

    Youtube Video made by HaCkthEplAneT

    Prepare to be Annihilated with my latest theme, this project was started with some ideas that razorsedge and I had for a theme that we worked on together to begin with and then we both had some of our own ideas and we decided to have a small competition to see who's ideas would turn out the best.

    We made a thread about it which was allot of fun, which you can find here called The Spirit of Competition and you can see some of the ideas we both had, from that I came up with 2 design concepts, a light and a dark theme and razorsedge continued with the theme now known as Supernova that has now been released and he has done a really excellent job on it, you can get his new theme here Supernova.

    So this is the first of 2 themes, my light version is still only a concept and I haven't started making it into a theme yet but it will happen and will be released in the near future, both themes will be packed for use with 7tsp and can be installed or uninstalled using 7tsp found

    For a Tutorial on how to use 7tsp have a look

    Theme Includes:

    Annihilator Theme
    Full Glass Blue Icons
    System Clock
    Shell32 Control panel images
    MAX Glass Icons by basj
    New Sound Schemes, Tinker, Glass & Pearl
    ieframe (IE8) Skin/Mod
    System Properties Logo
    Getting Started top Pane
    Games Menu Preview Pane
    New WEI index images with square borders
    wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod
    New Fonts Eurostile & Micrograma
    Other stuff I forgot to mention

    All features you see above will be installed automatically using the 7tsp installer, if there are features you do not want installed then you may have to remove them from the pack before installation, a restore point will be made before install and there is also an uninstall option in 7tsp.

    Download the Annihilator theme Extras

    Download the theme here

    Or if you want just the theme Download this one.

    Update: 13-10-2010 - Fixed a bug with explorer crashing when changing taskbar position and tooltip problem being too close to mouse pointer, theme also updated optimized for full use with Theme Resource0 changer, please use 7tsp to uninstall old theme first and make sure it has been removed from the personalization menu before using the updated theme.
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