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    I proudly present you Apocalypse theme here youtube video so you can get a better look at this vs thanks to my friend hacktheplanet for making it although it's been updated since he made the video now what the theme includeshell32 Replacement Images
    Start Menu User Pic Frame
    Startmenu Animation 2
    Startorb (From OTHER VS MENTOR/TEACHER NOFX1994.)My Thanks!
    Task Dock_by_Solo_Dev
    Universal Theme Patcher for 32 & 64 bit systems
    Windows Theme Installer Created by Kishan Full glass.exe by phantommenace2020
    Start Orbz Studio.exe by blizo Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe 5 System Icons 13 X Wallpapers collected off net from site Custom cursors "EZMAX",those are not create by me my thanks,and full credit to the maker!Also,Those are (Pre-Installed)Custom Fonts. (Install prior to theme installation.) P.S.Please leave me a comment if you download and report any bugs it's much appreciated!And,Please do not link, port, this visual style and post it anywhere without getting my written permission first.

    I also,like to say a special thanks!To NOFX1994 and Greenex P.S."BIG THANKS TO HACKTHEPLANET FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO THANKS BRO"! Also,Please ask me if you plain on mod this vs and don't take credit for my stuff if you didn't make it just be honest. Because if you steal from me


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