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    Re: Issue with Theme Resource Manager

    Quote Originally Posted by Big V
    Have you looked in the the theme resource folder and check to see if there is an orb included in the theme and that it is right format. There should be three images in that folder named 6801.png, 6805.png, and 6809.png these should be in a folder marked explorer.exe inside the resource folder
    Yes I have, I use fusion by lefty 1981. Folders with png are in the right place and with the right name. Orb works correctly when I reload the theme. My problem is that it doesn't work when I turn ON my computer...


    So the only solution that I have found is to ask Lefty if he can gimme his "orb.bmp".
    I have patched my explorer.exe with it (even if I still use Theme Resource Changer ) and now all works great .

    Thanks for your help!
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