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    Pixie Dust

    Proudly Presenting Pixie Dust (My First Theme For The Ladies)

    I decided that all the guys have had more then enough themes from me and everyone else and it about time we thought of the ladies for a change

    This is also my first theme I have released with folder background images and there is the included system files required for that to happen, the file needed to replace is the explorerframe.dll, all you need to do is take ownership of the original file and rename it explorerframe.dll.bak and then you can paste the new one in.

    There are some other system files that you will need to replace and those are the timedate.cpl, OobeFldr.dll, shellbrd.dll and taskmgr.exe which are included in the theme extras folder.

    There are also some images for the start button included and the start button changer app, the only images that you will have to manually edit a system file for is the shell32.dll, the reason I did not include a system file for that is because some people will already be using other mods for the shell32.dll, like the top shell mod or even custom icon like in my case.

    I recommend when editing the shell32.dll that you copy it and paste it on the desktop and then open it with a resource hacker like Restorator and then replace the images and save it, then rename the original shell32.dll.bak and paste the new one in there.

    You will need a restart before the changes will take effect for some of the system files, all files included have been tested on x86 and x64 and there should be no problems with them.

    Anyway I hope all you girls out there really enjoy this theme, please leave a comment, good or bad

    Download Here

    Very Important!!!

    You must enable the use of custom themes by either patching your system with Universal Theme Patcher or use UxStyle Core which runs as a service, either way will have the same result but UxStyle Core does not change any system files and is also update proof.

    Universal Theme Patcher:

    UXStyle Core:

    License Agreement: This content is protected by DMCA. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act Protection Services)
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