Welcome Everyone
Virtual Customs

First off I'd like to say welcome to all our new members.

Second I would like to touch base with everyone on a few of our rules.

1st. Be kind and considered to others.

2nd. I know not everyone is artistic or inclined to create art.
That is fine if you are not.
I would like to encourage you to post comments or thank you's if you are using art from our artist.
Our artist work very hard and spend a lot of hours, days, and weeks creating things for your enjoyment.
Without them you would be stuck using a drab & ugly microcrap OS.
So please take a few seconds to say thank you to them.
We also have a thank you button at the bottom of every post to help people who do not speak good english or are not comfortable with leaving comments.
A little encouragement goes along way in motivating the artist to create more things for our enjoyment.

3rd. I want to touch base on permission and credit when posting art to our site.
If you are use someone else's resources please give credit and get permission from them to use it.
Try to link back to the original artist resources if possible.
Don't just assume either that giving credit is enough.
It is not ok to change someone else's work just because you are givin them credit.
Ask before you alter someone else's work or use their resources not afterwards.
If the work is already an altered piece of art (created by a second artist or containing a second artist work).
You need to obtain permission from both artist - the original and modifying artist before hand Not after the fact.
This should also apply to reposting of others artworks also. Get permission and give them credit where possible.
If in doubt ask a staff member we are all available to help.
The last thing any of us want to do i upset these artist to the point where they don't want to create or share with us any longer.
By violating these general courtesy's you run the risk of having your account banned.

4th. I want to touch base on is our rep system on the forum.
The rep system is their to show respect for the artist and show appreciation to them for their hardwork and effort.
It is not to be used as a means to gain your own personal rep and net fame.
Member abusing this system will be given an infractions and possibly banned from the site.

Ok I have rambled on enough for today
Enjoy your time on our site and thanks for taking the time to read this.
Remember respect the artist and their work.