After a request from Toadyshadow to make a video tutorial on how to create themes with windows style builder I have done up a basics tutorial for creating themes in wsb.

This is a run through and showing you how things are done and the functions in wsb I was not able to go through the entire themeing process with you here as the video itself was already 60 mins long just trying to get in the main stuff

Hope this helps anyone with issues trying to make themes in wsb enjoy the tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

small note in the above video part 3 when I am explaining about the logoff buttons placement I have it clicked on showing you the places list image and content margins slight mistake on my part I ment to be on the logoff image not the places list is the content margins you need to adjust for the placement of those buttons

Part 4

Part 5

Dave Seniors complete guide to theme building

windows 7 class maps I use in my windows style builder for this tutorial

located in C:\Program Files (x86)\AveApps\Windows Style Builder\Data

just download the 7zip and replace the win 7 folder in the location above with this win 7 folder to have the same class maps as used in this tutorial