Hi Everyone

From now on all software silent installer posts I have made there will be links at the bottom that redirect you over to ryanvm and ELiET's apps silent installer section along with some other makers of silent installers on that board. Considering he has always been the one to make them and is the one who updates and keeps them current

I had lots of requests to post these in the past and tried to make it easier for the site by doing so but the amount of time spent trying to keep up with the amount of silent installs ELiET makes is pretty well impossible he is a machine.

So rather then trying to download the apps rename and reup them all the time it is easier to just link your to the source where he keeps the posts constantly updated and questions can be answered directly by him, I say sorry to ELiET right now if this floods him with questions sry bud

Instructions to know from downloading from the source site is when 7zips are are downloaded just extract the 7zip and the silent installer will be inside the SVCPACK folder