What does it do:
- Detects the download links for Vista Codec Package, Windows 7 codecs, Windows 8 Codecs and x64 Components
- Downloads the codec pack and/or the x64 components
- Provides the original and/or stripped .msi and .mst
- Can strip all undesired elements
- Builds a new, smaller 7z SFX installer
- Can build a dual arch installer
- Can build Vista Codec Package
- Checks for codec pack version

What it doesn't do:
- Does not install any toolbar or weatherbug. All junk has been stripped from the installers.

Changelog for version 2.0.2:

- Included new .msi strippers.

Changelog for version 2.0.1:

- Fixed a problem obtaining the XP-Vista Codecs.msi file
- Fixed Bing Bar setup was not correctly removed from XP-Vista Codec Package.

Changelog for version 2.0.0:

- Added Windows 8 Codecs and Windows 8 Codecs dual x86-x64.
- Added options to extract and/or strip the .msi and .mst for all packs.
- The maker does not close anymore after checking the version info.
- Fixed: Updated the Innosetup command line compiler to the latest Unicode version because the script would not compile anymore with the old Innosetup compiler.
- Cleaned and condensed the code.
- Changed the name, Codec Pack Maker.

Known issues:

- Version information does not work yet for Windows 8 OS. WIP.

It is all fairly self-explanatory, the first six options will create the small, junk free installer.
There is even an option to create dual arch installers that combines both the Windows 7/8 codecs and the x64 components in one installer.
The maker also includes an innosetup decompiler and compiler, yet this tool is only 2.86MB!
The x64 components will be rebuild into a switchless SFX, the innosetup script is being modified on-the-fly and it allowed for
a smaller installer.

The version check will check the codec pack version according to your OS. If you run XP or Vista, it will check Vista codec package version.
Likewise, if you run Windows 7 it will check the Windows 7 codec pack version.
It will check if the codec pack is installed, if so it returns the version. It also checks the codec pack version on Shark's page to determine
if there is a new version out. So in short, you shouldn't even have to open your browser anymore.

The maker detects if it runs from network share or from a local drive.
If ran from a network share, the maker puts the SFX in My Documents folder. If ran from a local drive, default output folder is the same folder from where the maker runs.
This will come in handy when you run it from a read-only share.

Depending on your Internet speed, the whole process is rather quick and hassle free.

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