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    Silverlight switchless/silent installer maker

    Silverlight switchless installer maker

    file size: 1,27 MB (1.339.701 bytes)
    md5: 715B06DD07FF6BE75D7A7C5AE67F8F8D

    This tool will:
    1. automatic download latest Silverlight installer (Silverlight.exe) from M$ site.
    2. ask you from one GUI, how to install Silverlight*
    3. extract files from Silverlight installer.
    4. apply msp patch contained into setup package, Silverlight.msp over Silverlight.msi
    5. depending on yours option one reg file will be created and added to installer.
    6. compress this files back as one switchless installer.
    7. also, get version and RC strings (FileDescription,FileVersion,etc) and add
    all this strings, (by reshacking 7zSD.sfx resource), to final sfx file.
    8. and generate one file SFX_Silverlight_%version%.md5, close to final sfx,
    containing filename, file size and md5 for the final sfx produced.

    * The GUi will ask for:
    1. registry to add - move mouse over every radio/check box, one tooltip will explain what every reg key do.
    2. you can choose if you want or not shortcut, and if this shortcut can be moved to Programs\Other Tools folder
    (this is my usual option, so if you don't like, just don't use)
    If you choose no shortcut or changed shortcut, maker will apply one transform to the msi file to make changes.
    Your options will be stored into one ini file, "Binary\Silverlight.ini", so, next time will start with your old (stored) options.

    Press GO! to create the sfx, press EXIT or just close maker window (X) to exit from maker.
    Also you can use Esc key to Terminate maker process if something wrong happens.

    You can edit/change the following:
    1. change the icon (by replacing "Binary\Silverlight.ico")
    2. change how sfx install process look (edit sfx config file: "Binary\silverlight.txt")
    3. in the future, if download link will be changed, edit "Binary\Silverlight.ini"), line Link=http:// ....

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    Thank you
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