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Thread: Web Design Advice. Share

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    Just took a quick look at the site and can tell you it looks like it's gonna be some fun browsing. As for the design? Right off the bat I feel that the cartoon is waaay too obtrusive, takes up too much real estate, and looks very cartoonie . Personally. I'd go with reducing that real estate, and adding real life stills or video.
    So there it is. You asked for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickKelly View Post
    On a related note, could you please critique my website in terms of design? Please give me honest feedback about the website and any suggestions of what could be done to make it better. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Any thoughts?
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    i use , often adobe Dreamweaver that is best for me. i suggest you to use this amazing Application and shear your experience to us.
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