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Thread: Optimize Firefox-this is the Best-Firemin

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    Optimize Firefox-this is the Best-Firemin

    Bin using this small app for a week and i think its smart and works great.This is a must try. !!!

    Firemin runs in the background, but a system-tray icon let us open the program's options as well as launch Firefox normally and in Safe Mode. Firemin's Options dialog has a slider for configuring how it optimizes Firefox for your system. To the red-tinted left end of the slider, Firemin shows a CPU; to the right of the bar, the spectrum shifts to green and the program displays a tiny stick of RAM. The bar graphically illustrates how Firemin optimizes Firefox: The more optimization you set, the faster Firefox runs, but it required more processing power. Sliding the control to the left puts the emphasis on RAM. Firemin also displays the amount of RAM allocated to Firefox numerically, from 100 to 1,000MB. By default, Firefox doesn't launch automatically with Firemin, but we could set the option to launch the browser normally or in safe mode when Firemin starts. Finally, we could specify different Firefox installations by browsing to a different folder than the default installation.

    No Need to install. Just Make sure to add it to start with windows startup.
    this can be don manually or with your favorite starup manager
    If you have any questions Just PM me....
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