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Negative reviews of Cyberfox are being deleted. That says a lot about the integrity of the software and its author. It sucks big time that Cyberfox uses the Firefox profile. Pale Moon does it right. It uses its own profile and provides tools for users to copy their FF profile should they wish. Uninstalling Cyberfox caused several of my extensions having to be reinstalled too.
if you had bothered to do a search of the forum i think you'd find that i have pushed the install and use of mozback at least 6 times. mozback will backup everything in whatever version of firefox, palemoon, cyberfox, etc.... you are running, so you loose nothging(plus there's also febe and cleo). so loosing addons is on you. as for a shared profile i personally prefer it, cause that way i don't have several different profiles floating around. i personally applaud toady for all the great and hard work he's put into bringing us cf, and i applaud razorsedge for all the hard work he does testing cf for us.