Hey !

I’m pretty glad to release this skin fully using the new AIMP 3.50’s features.

I’m also happy to finally release it cause i lost my .psd and only had 2 or 3 things left (like 5% or 10% of the actual skin). But i manage do redo all so i change its name into ‘Cult’ because of that.

So, what’s new ? Not much but still. That’s only my 3rd skin and i’m still learning how to do a AIMP3 skin
-You can now see the CD Art display in the main window of the player. You can switch it with the spectrum.
-Hold the ‘Previous’ (<<) and the ‘Next’ (>>) buttons to use rewind or forward function.
-You can also right click on the ‘Play’ (>) button to pause the player.
-You can change the volume as usual as a slider or use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘. Each click will increase/decrease volume by 2% or you can hold the button and will go faster.


Enjoy !