personally i use chrome.I have tried cyberfox,firefox..etc and they are buggy and laggy for me not only initiates faster on startup,but i find no lag whatsoever.It runs smooth and pages load much faster.But i assume it all depends on your system.I have windows 7 x64 bit.But that does not mean that a x64 bit browser is going to be faster on my system.Maybe if i had more then 4 gigs of ram,i might see ah little difference,but not much.I am pretty sure with cyberfox that you must also install adobe flash,where as chrome has it built in and updates itself automatically.I think cyberfox and firefox are basically for those who like add ons and who are concerned about privacy.Me,why i just surf the net,download a few pics,movies,music..etc.So chrome is just perfect for me.But everyone has their difference in opinion.Whatever makes you happy