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Thread: Se7en Theme Source Patcher v0.4 2015

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    Package Favorite Se7en Theme Source Patcher v0.4 2015

    Se7en Theme Source Patcher
    v0.4 2015
    I have just released the new version of 7tsp 2015

    From now on i will work on the project every Sunday (If i am not out of town)
    I am open to:
    Questions and support
    Bug reports
    Suggestions and ideas
    Custom skin entries
    Adding your native language

    Changelog for this release since the 0.3 version:

    1 Feb 2015 v0.4 Build 2015
    ~Added the option to start patching from Program menu
    ~Added some GUI skins which can be set from 7tsp menu
    ~Disabled some settings not (yet) supported on win8+
    ~Added check to see if there is enough free disk space left for patching
    ~Fixed bug where pack.ini could not be found on systems with with special characters like "&" or spaces in the username
    ~Major patching speedup for shell32.dll and imageres.dll
    ~Improved cleanup code

    7 Jan 2015 v0.4 Build 2015 RC1
    ~Added oemedit to the misc section, and the ability to add OEM Information changes to a custom pack (on request by Robi450)
    ~Fixed iexplorer bug on x64(caused by reshacker breaking x64 dll files, bru patcher now patches those files)
    ~Fixed bug when clicked on program / Extra / 7tsp menu, patching process would freeze
    ~Fixed bug regedit would not change on x64
    ~Fixed uxpatch X86 and X64
    ~Fixed uxpatch reminder while "install visual style" was disabled in the options menu
    ~Fixed a bug that some dialog windows would not always refresh
    ~Added lots of new file locations (on request by Robi450)
    ~Added check for latest reshacker version
    ~Added 2 extra checks to see if restore point creation is disabled in windows settings (hopefully this bug wont appear AGAIN )
    ~Fixed a bug when patch timedate.clp was disabled in options menu, "wmplayer.exe.res" got deleted
    ~Fixed speech folder ownership bug
    ~Trusted installer ownership is now properly restored (forced for all system files)
    ~Updated 7za to latest version
    ~Added the new file locations to the restore function
    ~Fixed replace at reboot code for locked files
    ~And lots of script updates/fixes

    Program Requirements


    ~ Windows Se7en Only
    ~ ResHacker has to be pre installed on the system, or reshacker.exe has to be in the same folder as 7tsp.

    About this Program

    We wanted a simple way to customize our complete Se7en OS, so we created 7tsp. The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with a resource pack. There are official color packs available for download and users have created some cool custom themes. It's possible to create your own custom Theme/Icon pack's and apply them with the 7tsp GUI. Modifications can include icons, bitmaps, cursors, visual style, Start button, side panel, logon screen, sounds, fonts, task manager colors, copy animation colors, etc.

    The Installer Version is exactly the same as the portable version, only it will be installed in your Program Files folder and optionally creates Menu Start shortcuts.

    Since this is a version and we're very actively working on it, much still has to be done and updates will be released often. (keep track of the build number) More options and modded resources will be added along the way.

    Hope you'll enjoy!

    Language Support

    7tsp is currently available in English, French, Hungarian, Dutch and German.
    Is your language not in the list? Please go to our board and perhaps we can include it.

    Thanx for translation:
    Tytynono: French
    Robi450: Hungarian
    Heebijeebi: German


    Patching: Patch your Windows 7
    The main function of this tool is ofcourse the patching of your Windows with a custom Theme Pack.
    After adding a Custom Theme Pack, previews will appear in the GUI to give you a feel of the pack (when Provided).
    Hereafter, you can set the options to your preferences and hit 'Start Patching'.

    Restore: Restore menu with multiple options.
    You can choose to restore the patched files to the backup made at 7tsp's first run, or to restore all or one system file(s) to Windows default.
    These options can also be reached through Program> Restore Backup and SFC/Scan.
    For extra security, the patcher creates a Restore Point every time you patch your system.
    This can be disable in the Options menu.
    It is also possible to manually create a Restore Point (Program > Create Restore Point).
    Clean Icon Cache:When not all icons have changed, you can manually clean the icon and thumbnail cache to refresh these.

    Debug log:Here you can select whether or not a debug log should be created. This is useful for pack creators, to debug resfiles.

    Logon Screen:You can select whether the Logon screen should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom file.
    Side Panel:You can select whether the Side Panel should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom file.
    Menu Start Orb:You can select whether the Menu Start Orb should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom file.

    The following options can be set in the Otions Menu: (the button between the Progress bar and 'Start Patching')
    Install Visual Style
    Patch Uxtheme (Once patched, UxTheme can be restored (Program > Restore UxTheme)
    Install Fonts
    Install Souns
    Replace Cursors
    Patch Task Manager
    Patch Copy Animation colors
    Patch timedate.cpl
    Patch Media Player Skin
    Patch dialog windows

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