Well, I switched over to Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation Copy Build 10130 upon finding out members of the Windows Insider Program will get free Windows 10 upgrade from it upon release. So far I'm definitely enjoying it. I do have one wierd issue though. I've noticed the start menu button doesn't seem to work properly. Basically when I click on it, the start menu simply refuses to open. Right click option still works fine but the start menu itself just doesn't open, . Even the Windows button on my keyboard doesn't open it, . As well as a slight glitch with the new search bar of which supposedly has Cortana built into it. That one simply closes out while you're typing. Those are basically the only issues i'm having with it. Anyone else having these issues? And if so, does anyone know what to do to get the start menu to actually open? I'm not worried about the glitch in the new search thing but the start menu is a necessity for me, .