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which program do i need to purchase create themes
thank you
Hi ms.kristine, OK so you would like to have a go at creating themes, yes? Alrighty the first thing you need to purchase is Vista Style builder, it's for W7 but you need the key to activate Windows Style Builder for W10, which you can download from here free. Go to www.vistastylebuilder.com and purchase it from there it costs around $50 and like I said the Windows Style Builder with all the up to date style hacks are available here free, thanks to Mr Grimm. I will send you in the right Direction and help you get set up after you get it and make a couple more posts other wise you wont be able to download it, I think you need to make 5 before you can download anything from here. Just have a look at some of the themes here that are available and post a nice comment giving your opinion. OK I hope to here again from you soon and Welcome to Theme Building.