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    Half Life Windows 7 theme + extras

    My new theme for Windows 7.
    Half Life
    First of all I need to give a thanks to yorgash for permission for using his own theme Steam as base theme for Half Life.
    Thank you for that yorgash/Robert.

    As one of the favorite games I ever played, and after long time I decided to make W7 theme base on that game.

    Half-Life is a science fiction video game developed by Valve Corporation, the company's debut product and the first in the Half-Life series.
    First released in 1998. There is a seven total series of this game.

    :What is included in theme:
    Theme installation setup
    Cursors (made by tchiro)
    explorer.exe (made by ONE MAN ARMY)
    explorerframe.dll images made by yorgash (Edited by me)
    shell32.dll images
    12 Wallpapers found on net (edited by me)

    Fonts (Install first)
    2 custom logon backgrounds
    2x Rocket Dock Skin for Top and Bottom position
    2x custom SYS Properties logo edited by me
    Timedate cpl images for x32 and x64 bit

    ------CREDITS AND THANKS------
    *Special Credits and Thanks to yorgash/Robert who is give me a permission to re-build his own theme "Steam"

    *Credits to original designer of 7tsp Alienware Breed Orange System Icon Pack showed in screenshots.

    *Credits to ONE MAN ARMY for start orb image.

    *Credits to tchiro for custom made cursor shvag

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