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hi yeah when you use the wsb dont press open you need to press import after you pressed import go to save then open the theme again and press save this is using the the Windows Style Builder 7-10 TH2 this is the first wsb you need to use next you need to use Windows Style Builder TH2 - 19H1 1903. when you open this 1 dont press open go to import and find the theme you just saved after you pressed import you need to go to apply stylehack you need to apply the 1903 stylehack then save the theme after that close out hopefully it should work
Just for clarification, the Windows Style Builder TH2 - 19H1 1903 is the WSB 10TH2-10RS1 right? Also, why is there an EXE with "BSC" added to the name alongside the regular WSB? Which do I open or does it matter?