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Thread: Magnum for Windows 10 TH2 AKA 1511

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    Magnum for Windows 10 TH2 AKA 1511

    Here it is.. Magnum for Windows 10 TH2 Aka 1511
    Thanks to Razorsedge for the theme and letting me port it to Win10

    There is a registry hack to disable the Win10 immersive menu..
    All i did was take time to port it for W10.. for those that were requesting
    this theme.. sorry for the wait... Enjoy

    Thanks to Shemhamforash the following has been fixed or added

    -Caption buttons have had a bugfix. They should now appear like the Windows 7 theme using default system metrics.

    -Added the theme's Reflection Image for transparent backgrounds using Aero Glass GUI.
    -Added the timedate.cpl

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