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Thread: X-D.N.A. for RS2 aka Creator's Update 1703

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    X-D.N.A. for RS2 aka Creator's Update 1703

    for Windows 10 RS2 aka 1703 Creator's Update

    Updated to version 1.3
    Fixed windows 10 caption text bug where caption text has visible square bounding box
    Fixed search bar text glow(reduced glow significantly & shouldn't cause readability issues anymore)
    Tweaked taskbar background(texture on taskbar now clearer & much more visible)

    Updated to version 1.2
    Re fixed to properly resolve theme not applying issues on RS2
    Changed & updated Branding image to RS2 in control panel (see screenshot)
    Fixed system tray background margins
    Fixed Show desktop button to display properly
    Added additional start button for SiB in zip

    How To
    You'll need your system patched with UX Theme Patcher.
    Ultra UX Theme Patcher:

    You'll also need 'Start Is Back' to apply the start menu & taskbar style & 'Old New Explorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot.

    Start Is Back:

    Old New Explorer:

    a.Extract the contents of the theme folder & copy them to:
    b.Use the Personalozation Panel shortcut included in the zip.
    b.From Personalization select the theme.



    X-D.N.A. RS2 v1.3.rar

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