...the Papyros Suite is here!

Comes with 5 color variations. Pick your favorite and let me know!

You can change the system fonts with WinAero Tweaker to whatever you want.

Paper Icons by neiio

--------WALLPAPER PACK-----------
Papyros- 5K - Wallpaper Pack

To install make sure your system is first patched to accept third party custom themes.

I first recommend you make a System Restore point before doing so.

Then grab the latest version of UltraUXThemePatcher and install it. A reboot may be required.

Then place the appropriate theme files according to your Windows Version into your Windows/Resources/Themes folder

Right click anywhere on the desktop, select Personalize then go down to Themes and find the Visual Style you wish to apply.

If you get the bottom task pane, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it.

Very simple.


Blank It

I hope you try it out and are able to enjoy it! A lot of time and effort went into making it.