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    Cryptic Red

    This is Cryptic Red by One Man Army

    Im posting because it was said that it could be for Win10 when it first came out.. dont see why it cant now

    all praise and thanks go to One Man Army... MIA these days... but his theme has to move on

    Dont thank me for this.. just wanna share one of my favorite themes.. that had perms a long time ago

    Im not gonna go through what it takes to run themes on Win10... theres to many tuts on VC for that

    I used Mr grims topshell from Hud Machine Red for this theme... if im in the wrong say so Mr Grim and ill change it

    If you prefer bottom shell in explorer switch this shell folder in Cryptic Red theme folder Bottom Shell.7z

    Cryptic red_1703_1709.7z
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