Hello everyone,

I almost finished my first custom theme with WSB, but I am strugling to change the folowing part.
It's the menu that opens when I click the down pointing arrow showing me the recent locations.

This menu when opened shows a white part. Also this menu doesn´t behave as expected. All my other menus have a thin line around when hovered, but this menu shows a full green green box.

As you can see, I have QTTabs installed giving me a tabbed explorer, and the rightclick menu from it also has full green boxes on the menus.

Is this menu I show a part of QTTabs? Which means I can't change it?

It's not a big deal but I would like to make this menu conform to the rest when possible.

Maybe someone knows how I can manipulate the QTTabs images. I have browsed QTs dll's but there are no images in them.

Thanks in advance!