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    Ktip iPack Could not read SFX configuration Fix

    iPack problem Fix
    Could not read configuration
    or configuration not found
    What is this problem?
    iPack Builder v2.2 not Supported icons higher as
    256x256 pixels (512x512 pixels and 638x638 pixels)
    Recommended Custom dimensions pixels
    16x16 24x24 32x32 48x48 64x64
    96x96 128x128 192x192 256x256
    Multi-size in one icon
    not higher as 256x256 pixels
    How to fix this problem? iPack Builder and just click on Modify existing icon pack icon pack what you need to fix
    3.go to interface and change Installer icon max size is 256x256 pixels icon pack and enjoy
    (4K Ultra HD) 4096 x 2160 50p preview
    Villi Vidi Vici® and Moonnique​®

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