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    Discord Server

    Hello Everyone,

    I decided to open up my Graphical Customization/Development Discord PhantomDEV to Virtual Customs as the unofficial host on Discord for Virtual Customs. If anyone wants to join, you're free to do so. All VC staff who join will be given appropriate roles [if none exist roles will be created] to help them continue to ensure nothing goes against VC rules.

    If anyone is interested and wants to join, the invite can be found below:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    My name on the Discord is Nimbi, it is owned in joint by myself and MassTransitKrow to ensure server security. If you have any questions feel free to as either of us.

    I can be found both here and in the Discord, you can find MasTransitKrow in the PhantomDEV Discord.
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