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Thread: Windows 10 19H1 1903 Updated ClassMaps and Import Scripts

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    Quick Restart Windows 10 19H1 1903 Updated ClassMaps and Import Scripts

    Windows 10 19H1 1903 Updated ClassMaps and Import Scripts

    Important, do not use this to update any themes older then the Redstone 2 Creators Update, for updating older themes go here Windows 8 to Windows 10 TH2 import to Windows 10 19H1 1903

    This update brings lots of changes to the WSB layout and puts all the light and dark theme elements in to their own sections, it also contains a new import script to update any themes from the creators update onwards.

    There are 2 methods to update your theme, the first is the correct way by using the following instructions.

    Method 1

    1. Open the folder called "Windows Style Builder 19H1 1903"

    2. Open the WSB Program.

    3. Go to File > Open > Import 7 Theme and Import the theme you want to update.

    4. Select Import Style Hack and select "Windows 10 1903 Import Fix" (Very important!!, do not miss this step!!)

    5. You can now test your Theme and make sure it has imported correctly and does not give you any msstyles errors.

    6. Save your updated theme and you're done.

    The second method of updating is by using a style script and this may be an easier option if you are getting errors in the msstyles from the first method, you can also use this method in conjunction with the first method.

    Method 2

    1. Open the Theme you want to update to 19H1.

    2. Hold Shift and click on Import Stylehack and select Light & Dark Mode Import Script.

    3. Test your Theme and make sure it has been updated correctly.

    4. Save the updated Theme and you're done.

    I have found when using the first method sometimes the import does not look right and the theme is all messed up, not sure why exactly but I only encountered this with one theme out all the ones I tested, this was solved by first running the Style script from method 2 then saving the theme and then following the instructions for method 1

    Troubleshooting Msstyles Errors

    If for some reason you are getting msstyles errors this is usually due to having too many large images, you will need to optimise these images by reducing their size as much as possible and then using Sizing Margins to stretch the images.

    You can find out what images are the largest by opening the theme with a resource hacker and extracting the image folder, open the folder and arrange it by size, you can then see the largest images and the number that corresponds to them, enter that number in the search bar in WSB and in the search drop down select Value, this will show you where that image is used in WSB and you can then edit it.

    Some of the following locations can contain the largest images that need to be optimised.

    Start Menu
    Taskbar & System Tray
    Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Control Panel > ControlPanel > NavigationPane
    Windows 10 Dark Mode > Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Items View > ItemsView > Folder background
    Windows 10 Light Mode > Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Items View > ItemsView > Folder background
    Windows 10 Dark Mode > Explorer & Shell > Explorer > PreviewPane > Details Background
    Windows 10 Light Mode > Explorer & Shell > Explorer > PreviewPane > Details Background

    If you are not sure if the problem is with the image sizes then you can run some of the other Style Scripts to test, make sure that you do not save the theme during the following test, Remove SiB Start Menu, this will remove the entire start menu, if you test the theme now and you do not get an error then you know there are too many large images and that you will need to optimise them.

    Other Style scripts you can run safely that may help are "Remove Legacy Start Menu" this will remove all the images and properties from Windows Legacy > Start Menu and may be enough to stop the error, if will definitely help and put you in the right direction.

    Now for the part you don't want to hear, as much as I have tested these methods I can not guarantee that you will not have a catastrophic error and black screen, if this does happen then I recommend reseting your PC and then in the accessibility options on the sign in screen select High Contrast and this should allow you to log back in.

    Another option is to make sure you have a second account or Admin account you can log in to, you can then go in to the registry and Search for ThemeManager and when you see something like "Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager" look for a string called DllName and if you see a value like C:\ProgramData\Windows Style Builder\Testing\theme name 16-06-2019 12-17-55 PM.msstyles then change the value back to the default %SystemRoot%\resources\themes\Aero\Aero.msstyles

    You should now be able to log back in to your account.

    The last option is to use a VM and once you have your testing environment set up and you are ready to start testing, create a snapshot of the OS, this way you can easily recover the VM although this will result in any work after the snapshot in being lost, if there is something you want to recover before reverting to the shnapshot, first shut down the VM and then go to settings for the VM and click on the Hard Drive and then you will see an option to Map the Hard Drive, this will allow you to search the files and recover anything you don't want to loose.

    Update: 20/06/2019 Fixed a few little errors in the import script that effected the address drop down input area turning white and added back Start Menu Bottom for Userpicture placement in SiB.

    To use the new updated import script just run it again like shown in method 1, method 2 also updated to fix another issue with the breadcrumb arrows not showing in some themes.

    Disclaimer, I am not responsible for any one trying out these scripts or for anyone who bricks their system, these are experimental and should be used on a Virtual machine for your safety.
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