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Thread: [TOOL] Se7en Theme Source patcher v0.6 Build 2019

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    Clean [TOOL] Se7en Theme Source patcher v0.6 Build 2019

    Se7en Theme Source Patcher

    25 Jun 2019 v0.6 RC1 Build 2019
    ~Create restorepoint fixed for all windows versions
    ~Fixed regedit not being patched on x64 systems
    ~Added a new default skin created by devillnside
    ~Added .mun file patching support - any .mun file can be added in *.mun.res format (experimental, not recommended)
    ~Many small script updates
    ~Removed misc options from Extra section
    ~Removed update check from info menu

    7tsp features:
    *7tsp is portable, no need to install
    *More complete modification possible
    *Faster Patching (e.g. 10x faster patching of imageres.dll)
    *Patches any file in *.res format in the following folders:
    system32\ folder on x86 and x64 systems (always has)
    syswow64\ folder on x64 systems (always has)
    Branding\ folder
    en-US\ folder (when your system is e.g. French 7tsp uses fr-FR)
    Speech\ folder
    Migwiz\ folder
    7tsp knows all file locations, just drop your *.res file in the resources folder in your pack and 7tsp figures it out
    *Never patches explorer.exe and shell32.dll on windows 8, 8.1 and 10 systems even if the res file exists in the used pack
    *The backup routine checks and saves all file versions to detect windows update changes

    Tested on:
    Windows 7 x86 and x64
    windows 10 x64 live system

    Extra thanks to:
    றѳѳղղįqվદ® for helping with testing the new version
    devillnside for creating the new skin

    7tsp GUI v0.6(2019).7z

    Kind Regards

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