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    Exclamation Being Thankfull

    First of all, to everyone who designs new themes and to those who port older themes to current versions thank you, I feel there are too many hit and run downloads of your hard work and you do not get enough in return for sharing your themes etc for free to everyone here.
    Myself, I have been here since mid 2013 so just over 6 years. For all the early years I am sorry for not giving you your posts of thanks, it was nothing more than being keyboard shy. To those who maybe be in the same way as I was, grit your teeth and post it will make a themer happy and for those you hit and run, please say thanks, you are getting stuff free, your feedback and thanks is free.

    Maybe this idea I have in my head may not work or be too much hassel, but is there anyway a rep system or a post count system in stages be set in the website to allow those who do give thanks in posts to continue to download as normal but for the others after thay have hit their 10 posts needed to be able to download must then have to hit another 5 or so posts to download the next theme that they may want. This idea would hopefuly cover two areas, first would be getting the recognition that is deserved and second and I am sure some of the hit and run downloaders will reupload them to another site and get the glory for their site with your hard work.

    Again thanks to all here for all you do.
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