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Okay thanks for confirming. I wasn't aware of this, maybe because the programs I use have their own themes or the brightness is not so noticeable.
Yep, a few programs do detect dark mode now and change to a (non-native, custom) dark theme, but this right here is an all-too-common occurrence in dark mode:

For me, the bulk of my time is spent in programs like this, and there just aren't any good, simple themes for Windows 11 as far as I can tell. I appreciate the artistry that goes into all the blinged-out gaudy Star Trek-esque themes with bevels and gradients and giant borders and bright reds and yellows and whatnot posted here and DeviantArt and elsewhere, but can't anyone just give us the stock Windows theme in #202020 instead of #FFFFFF like MrGRiM did all those years ago?