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    Simplex for 1903-1909

    Theme for Windows 10 1903-1909 Builds

    How To:
    ou'll need your system patched with UXThemePatcher.


    You'll also need 'StartIsBack' to apply the start menu & taskbar style & 'OldNewExplorer' for windows explorer to look exactly like it is in the screenshot.



    a)Extract the contents of the 'Theme' folder & copy them to:
    b)From Personalization, select & apply the theme.


    Check the 'SIB Settings' screenshots included in the zip for theme specific settings in StartIsBack.

    Disable new addressbar & searchbox feature of Windows 10 1909:
    Windows 10 1909 aka 19H2 features an addressbar & searchbox which is wider than any before.
    To restore the old searchbox & addressbar, from the 'Disbale Enable 1909 New Search' folder,
    run the 'Disable New Search.cmd' file to disable & alternatively run the 'Enable New Search.cmd' file as administator to re-enable the new addressbar & searchbox.

    Big thanks to Mr GRiM for sharing these.

    Simplex Logon/Lockscreens in 1920x1080 & 2560x1440 resolutions.

    Freepik for the vector arts used to make the wallpapers for the theme.


    Simplex 1903-1909

    Version 1.3(screenshots updated for new version):

    New taskband.
    Major overhaul of the DWM window outer borders(left & right).
    Tweaked the window min, max & close buttons.
    Tweaked the start menu outer borders.
    Tweaked the start menu all programs buttons & shutdown buttons.
    Tweaked the taskband taskitem buttons.
    Window & app workspace colours are now less dark.
    New command area backgrounds in control panel.
    Explorer & control panel command module colours fixed.

    Version 1.2:

    Fixed taskband sizing margins when using large icons.
    Tweaked the min, max & close buttons.
    Tweaked the start menu outer borders.
    Fixed explorer navigation bar colours.
    Made some more adjustments to the DWM window frames.

    Version 1.1:

    Features a blue clock & blue flyout button in system tray.
    New toolbar buttons.
    New command module buttons.
    Tweaked the DWM window frames a bit.
    Tweaked the immersive & dark immersive context menus.

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