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    Game of Thrones V1 by Donkuz


    For Windows 10 1903,1909 and up Only

    OK Guys n Gals Here's my First version of Game of Thrones Derived from the Lord of the Rings Theme
    I used the Icons and Rockdock from Skyrim, Elders Scroll and Cold Steel Edition by Razoredge updated by Moonnique and loaded Sounds from Diablo and placed a full set of House Orbs and Wooden Claw Ani Cursor.
    Game of Thrones Rocketdock, Font and all Icons are Included in the Extras Folder.
    Before Making any changes to your system Back up your System with a Restore point and or Create a System Image to Bail you out if you get into Trouble.
    Installation Instructions
    1. After you make your backup Install UxThemepatcher 3.7.1
    2. Now Install OldNewExplorer 1.1.9
    3. Now you can go ahead and Install StartisBack++ 2.8.9
    4. Extract theme and then Copy and Paste the Contents to your Theme Folder @ Windows/Resourses/Themes.
    Then go to The Control panel and Select your theme then it should load with the Start and Taskbar: If it hasn't loaded go to the StartisBack Configurations and select it from there, you can also change the Orb here also.

    Available by Request Only For Legitimate Members Only

    I hope you all like it as much as meCheerz!!

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