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Thread: DOOM Eternal V1 W10 1903+ by Donkuz

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    DOOM Eternal V1 W10 1903+ by Donkuz

    by DONKUZ

    Well Guy's I finally Have this ready to Share with you all with a little Help
    From: Devillinside, Moonnique, Elond and James Many Thanks Guy's.
    Also Special Thanks to Mr GRiM for letting me use one of his Original HUD Theme's.
    Wallpapers Created by Elond.
    RocketDock by lefty redezined and recoloured by me
    Icons; Skyrim Cold Steel by Razorsedge and Moonnique.
    Original Theme Base HUD White White by Mr GRiM
    OK Here's How to Install
    Installation Guide
    First: Make a Backup and or Create a System Restore Point Before you Begin
    Now you can Begin installation
    Download the Theme and Extras and Extract the Contents.
    Copy and Paste The Theme Files into your Theme Folder
    Go to C/Windows/Resourses/Themes
    For you to run This Customized Theme on W10 1903+ you First need to Install,
    UltraUXthemepatcher First. Now Logout and Restart Windows.
    Next to Get the Classic Look you need to Install ONE.
    OldNewExplorer 1.1.9
    Now you will need StartisBack 2.9.1 for your Classic Start Menu and Taskbar.
    Now you Should be able to find the theme in the Classic or Personalization in Settings
    After Installing The RocketDock and your Icon's Apply your REG tweeks

    Available by Request For Legitimate Members Only
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