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    Notepad++ Icons Custom Pack - Windows Icon Style

    wassup VC o/
    i created this because i really hate Notepad++ original icon xD
    maybe this can be very useful for somebody ^.^

    time to contribute in other ways and not only with wallpapers,at least when my creativity helps HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    I also tested and looks cool,the size its good but if you can make bigger i will be very happy - just ask me about permission before edit =))
    *** images used on background preview by Google and "+" green graphic found on a random crazy vector site ;p

    NOTE: if you want change Notepad++ icon permanently like me,use Resource Tuner or similar softwares ;D

    - 3 Custom Packs created by me
    - PNG and ICO format
    - ICO 256x pixel (Multi Size)


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