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    Tibia Wallpapers by Elond (HD)

    where is Tibia fans here on this forum??
    i know that most of gamers dont like Tibia for many reasons,but its one of my fav RPG games because i learned english,taught me that I can't trust everyone and also some "gamer slangs" hahahahahaha
    this will be forever in my heart,it's a game that I can never forget from my list :3

    i created these because Tibia never had a decent wallpaper,in my point of view xD
    and yeesss sir,i "recreated" the classic red Demon Wallpaper used on login background because original size is very small...
    enjoy Tibians!

    - you can download below after preview without my signature -

    for the best resolution possible of "Tibia map blue wallpapers",please DONT set as background INSIDE image file

    1920x1080 | 1920x1200

    - Demon graphic/artwork by Cipsoft (Red wallpaper)
    - Tibia Golden logo also by Cipsoft
    - Blue Ocean,Dark Brown and "Grunge Yellow Sky" textures by Sirius-sdz (Deviant Art)


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