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Thread: NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Complete + v2 - Wallpapers (HD)

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    NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Complete + v2 - Wallpapers (HD)

    after a couple weeks working on this shit,finally i finished hahahaha
    I added some ideas that I had given up on my first NFS MW wallpaper theme
    and i remade a lot of times some of them just trying give the best visual possible,worked with some "light curves" on PS to give a "dark touch" for you dont get blind using some of my Wall's ;p

    this is a dedicated work done by a fan addicted to Need For Speed Most Wanted xD
    i created this because i NEVER found a great NFS MW complete Blacklist enemies wallpaper...
    some of them also can be your poster for your room maybe hahahahahaha
    here we have 35 wallpapers created by me for you enjoy!

    1920x1080 | 1920x1200 (just NFSMW v2 Wallpaper 31 - Police Bokeh Lights on this size)

    Text Fonts used:
    - NFS
    - Most Wasted (NFS MW Text Font)

    - NFS Most Wanted Logo created by Donkuz and remastered by me
    - Police Bokeh lights wallpapers by Google
    - some gradients by Scully7491 (Deviant Art)
    - also some gradients by me

    Small Preview:

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