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Hi All

I always seem to struggle to getting the themes to appear exactly as they show on the forums even when i follow the directions.

I was wondering if anyone has the themes set up as an executable after i run 3rd part software to enable customized themes. I am happy to pay for the trouble too. I am not well versed in this side and do not have a full understanding. apologies if this was not the correct forum to post this in,
Donkuz is right, we usually avoid Exe file installers of Themes like the Plague, unless you trust the source 100%. I myself have used this type of theme in the past from another site, they are Mostly premium Themes that come with Cursors, Icons, wallpapers and widgets or Rainmeters , all in a Exe file.

When using these Theme packs, once i have installed it, i extract the Theme Files for my collection, so as to not have to use the exe file again, this way as Donkuz has said, reduces the chance of conflicts at a later point. The good peeps here are always full of great info and support, Donkuz and Moon are complete assets to this site and have helped me massively in the past. Now i am running a 4 SSD Multi Booting System, two drives for Win 10 and two drives for Win 11, all 4 drives using Themes or Windowblinds .

If you need any help, feel free to contact me , i came her a beginner with Themes when Win 11 was launched, as i was a Windowblinds user for many years, i have learnt so much from the peeps here, which made my system what it is now, now i am confident enough to experiment, understanding how to get out of trouble should it happen.