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Ok, I would like to know how I can start customizing! which are the best apps, how to create themes and icons. I have also seen the restorator 2007 program, when I put a program or file it does not show me some icons because it says something “corrupt file”. Thank you very much for answering.
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Thank you very much Donkuz! I am very happy when I see and use custom themes, but I am not good economically right now.
i Can use paint 3D, Photoshop, or other application I know about restorator, but I don’t know how to download it o purchase.
many thanks for helping the community of VC.
you can get this message corrupt file
if you are using (fake) or precracked version of Restorator 2007
i think you can get this on Restorator 2009 because Restorator 2009 really not exist its only the fake and precracked version of this original program
original link for purchase here