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Thread: Doom Eternal Wallpapers - requested by Donkuz

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    Doom Eternal Wallpapers - requested by Donkuz

    yeeeesssss sir,im back o/
    its time to party hahahahaha

    hey guys,check it out at what i got here...
    a long time ago,Donkuz asked me if I could give him a hand creating some wallpapers for a theme he was creating,which in this case was the Doom Eternal theme so i accepted and here we go,I wish I had posted these wallpapers months ago,but I confess that I got lazy and ended up "giving up temporarily" xD
    but now,finally i posted giving them a "special attention" that they deserve it =DD

    this is my first "wallpaper pack" that i created in a "Pro" way using Photoshop after 7 years without even using it ;p
    downloading this file,you will have 90 Doom Eternal and Doom wallpapers!
    anyway,i hope you enjoy!

    "Multi Sizes" - most of them in 1920x1080 or 3840x2160

    Text Fonts used:
    - Arial
    - Tribal Two
    - Amaz Doom (retro Doom logo text font)
    - Arkanoid
    - Skeksis
    - Impact
    - Trajan Pro

    >>> NOTE: some of these text fonts its really hard to find,if you want use in your designs just tell me and i will help you! ^.^


    Tigers-Stock - Kracov - Syragon - XxAries1970xX - Dbszabo1
    - Moonglowlilly -
    Frozenstocks - Elevit Stock

    * my big thanks goes to everyone above for the kindness of sharing their designs
    openly to the public on Deviant Art,without their help none of this would be possible

    - Doom Eternal theme by Donkuz -

    - you can download below after preview without my signature -
    some wallpapers have other versions,download Winrar file for more options o/

    Small Preview

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