I might missed some obvious tricks on this one. So I just go ahead and ask here. How to adjust the size of context menu border in Win10?

Has it done by changing something system wide/registry? Or direct modifying *.msstyles

Sometimes I use WSB and try to change bordersize value in those location to different number but seems nothing change, bordersize still the same

Lists, Menus, & Tabs > Context Menu > PopUpBackground >> Bordersize
Lists, Menus, & Tabs > Context Menu > PopUpBorders >> Bordersize

Bordersize of context menu a bit small in some case, I want to make it bigger but failed to do so.

This one bordersize is a bit smaller than I want it to be. I try to replicate the thickness of border in jumplist. I did copy the image (png) from [Start Menu > Panels > Aero (For SIB Only) > Top > Jump List > Controls > Jump List Item]
Event when bordersize value is 12, the size still the same no changing at all?

This one bordersize is ok.