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Yo, so I was thinking, we got a new member who is skilled in Custom OS development and as someone who is interested in the topic, I would be eager to see a section for Custom OS Developers to post their Custom Built Operating Systems. If possible I'm thinking a category in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] with sub categories for Windows, Unix, OpenOS, Mobile. Sort of like how the Themes section is built but with the subcategories being added on a per request basis so as to not flood it with unused subcategories.

I figure we can start by adding Windows, Unix, OpenOS, Mobile as the base 4 and within those can be where the subcategories are added via request. Since our newcomer makes custom Windows 10 OS we would naturally have that as the first sub category in the Windows subcategory, and ofc if more Windows OS get added the sub categories can be build per reuest as explained above.

Along this line, I would also like to see a nt lite section added to the Members Software Development section somewhere or wherever it fits best for use with people who would like to post tutorials on how to build their own Custom OS for anyone interested in learning. I think this would come in very useful since I myself can gladly say that it is definitely something that interests me.