Hello there you crazy cool customizers!

I came across this site searching for black-ish windows themes,and i have to say, I am very inspired! I even went out and got WSB and msstyle in an effort to edit other user's themes to my liking or even create my own. Alas, I know very little about Visual Styles and next to nothing about coding, so it has been a bit daunting, but I am going to keep plugging away. I am in to very dark themes, with
red/green/purple/hot pink accents. I am also really into transparency and rainbow/spectrum-type design. I am on winver 20H2 and use a 4k tv as my monitor... so any help pointing me towards helpful theme-creation-learning resources, and of course cool theme suggestions,will be most appreciated! I do have quite a few custom made icons and am more than happy to share. Ill try to include a desktop screenshot and some icons to give a flavor of my style. Happy Theming!

I have...
Winver 20H2
Open Shell Start
Resource Hacker
Visual studio (justdownloaded)
startisback (expired trial)
UltraUX theme patcher
secure ux theme tool
Photoshop 2020